Basics of Test Automation Framework

Test Automation Framework – In our series of Selenium articles last time we discussed about boundary value analysis and its advantages, cross browser testing and most importantly Top 50 selenium interview questions and answers.

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Selenium Training Beginners

Selenium Training Beginners program helps the newly passed out fresher candidates & selenium beginners to be a professional automation tester.  The following article posted under our free selenium tutorials blog will describe you about how we transforming our fresher candidates to a certified selenium professionals. Selenium training topics free pdf download available for your reference.

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Top 50 Selenium Interview Questions and Answers

List of Top 50 Selenium Interview Questions and Answers

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1. What are the annotations used in TestNG?

@Test, @BeforeSuite, @AfterSuite, @BeforeTest, @AfterTest, @BeforeClass, @AfterClass, @BeforeMethod, @AfterMethod

2. How do you read data from excel?
FileInputStream fis = new FileInputStream (“path of excel file”);

Workbook wb = WorkbookFactory.create (fis);

Sheet s = wb.getSheet (“sheetName”)

String value = s.getRow (rowNum).getCell (cellNum).getStringCellValue ();
3. What […]

Boundary Value Analysis and its advantages

Quality Assurance (QA) in web development & mobile application is picking up a decent notoriety on the grounds that with the web enslaving the world, sites should be on point! Henceforth, QA is much needed without hesitation!

Notwithstanding, to convey the best software testing services the whole data sets must be tested.  It is a tedious […]

Cross Browser Testing using Selenium – Credo Systemz

In the series of selenium tutorials, this part of the tutorial describes about an important chapter in selenium is Cross Browser Testing using Selenium.
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This post will give you answers for the below questions,

What is Cross Browser Testing?
Why we need to do Cross Browser Testing?
What are the Cross Browser Issues?

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Basic HTML Concepts required for Selenium

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language, which describes the structure of web pages using markups. These elements are the building blocks for the HTML pages and also they are represented by tags.

The HTML tags contains angle brackets “< >” which contains the start and end tag where as the end consists of a forward slash […]

Generating Reports in Selenium using TestNG

As we all know the function of test automation tool is to make the test execution in a successful manner, Also there are multiple factors which play an important role in making the test automation in a positive note. One such factor is “Test report” which helps you in finding the result of the test […]

Learn Java for Good Selenium Scripting

As far as Selenium is concerned, Our Selenium Tutorials page provides a detailed content to learn selenium from basics, We been frequently receiving questions in our  Selenium FAQs page like which part of Java is needed to learn for Good Selenium Scripting – Read more for  selenium java tutorial,

Since many selenium beginners facing confusion in […]

How to get Software Tester Job as a Fresher

Software Tester Jobs – Credo Systemz recently conducted a huge walk-in drive for freshers were more than 150+ candidate has attended the interview. Check the recent placement opportunities in our placement board for freshers.

Though 150+ candidates attended the drive to be frank only a few got placed. Why it so even many of them are […]

Selenium Grid – Uses, Architecture and Example

What is Selenium Grid?

Selenium Grid is a server which helps the tests to run on a remote machine using web browser instances, In other words with Selenium Grid a server can act as a Hub. Tests contacts the hub to access the browser instances.

Hence Grid allows you to run your tests on different machines also […]