Top 5 Selenium Websites Every Software Tester should Bookmark in 2018

In this part of our Selenium Tutorial series, We are going to discuss the Top Selenium websites to learn Selenium from scratch. The below list of sites consists of all set of things for Selenium such as Selenium tutorials, Selenium course content, Selenium Interview Questions, Selenium FAQs, Selenium Tester Jobs, Selenium projects, Selenium testing examples, […]

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)  process is the important topic to learn as a beginner. SDLC helps to create a detailed plan to Develop, Maintain, Replace even Alter a Software system.

SDLC Stages:

There are different stages of SDLC which include Planning, Designing, Building, Testing and Deploying the developed Software.

SDLC Models:

The popular three different SDLC models are […]

International Software Testing Qualification Board

What is ISTQB?
Benefits of ISTQB
ISTQB Foundational Level Certification
Examination Structure
ISTQB Exam Fees
ISTQB Certification Syllabus (FREE PDF)

Get the Answer Here — ISTQB Certifications

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Top 100 Selenium Interview Question Answers

1. What are the annotations used in TestNG?
@Test, @BeforeSuite, @AfterSuite, @BeforeTest, @AfterTest, @BeforeClass, @AfterClass,
@BeforeMethod, @AfterMethod

2. How do you read data from excel?

FileInputStream fis = new FileInputStream (“path of excel file”);
Workbook wb = WorkbookFactory.create (fis);
Sheet s = wb.getSheet (“sheetName”)
String value = s.getRow (rowNum).getCell (cellNum).getStringCellValue ();

3. What is the use of xpath?

It is used to find the […]

Tips to be the Best Automation Tester

Hello Testers

Happy to meet you back again with a gap, Hope you all had joyous festival days.


Festivals are completed, now it is time to get back to work. Here are the Top10 tips to be the BEST Automation Tester.

Before going into it, Let’s have a quick recap to the important Selenium Tutorials we had […]

Selenium Synchronization

What is Synchronization?

Synchronization, in General, is termed as a method of combining multiple processes at a certain point which helps to get the desired output.

It is a technique which helps many components works parallel to each other.

Check here the other Important Topics in Selenium.
Why is Synchronization needed?

As an automation tester, while testing an application, It […]

Top 3 Common Mistakes Testers Make

In our previous tutorials, we had discussed how to be the big boss of Selenium automation testing, Here in this part lets discuss the Top 3 Common Mistakes Testers Make.

Thus it will be easier for you to be a DEXTEROUS Tester!!
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First of all, as a newbie […]

OOPS Concepts in Java – Selenium Java Tutorials

OOP is a model used for organizing based on Objects rather than actions & data rather than logic for Programming Languages such as C, C++, Java.

This Paradigm provides many concepts in order to do this, They are inheritance, data binding, Polymorphism etc.

Smalltalk is the first truly object oriented programming language.

Before going further it is important […]

How to be Big Boss in Selenium Automation – Top 5 Concepts

Hello Professionals!!


You heard it right!!!

This article will transfer you from PROBATIONER to PROFESSIONAL.

We all know Big Boss is a trending reality show, while others discussing the stuff of the show, as a Software tester let’s focus on our subject,

That’s what a professional must do!! FOCUS

Just Kidding :-)

Before going further, If you are new here and […]

Test Automation Framework and its Types

Selenium Tutorials: 

Under our Selenium Tutorials series for this weeks discussion the topic chosen was Test Automation Framework. Before going further read the previous tutorials about Basics of Automation Framework which you need to be clear to learn the types of test automation framework.
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What is Framework?

To be general, […]