Learn Java for Good Selenium Scripting

As far as Selenium is concerned, Our Selenium Tutorials page provides a detailed content to learn selenium from basics, We been frequently receiving questions in our  Selenium FAQs page like which part of Java is needed to learn for Good Selenium Scripting – Read more for  selenium java tutorial,

Since many selenium beginners facing confusion in […]

How to get Software Tester Job as a Fresher

Software Tester Jobs – Credo Systemz recently conducted a huge walk-in drive for freshers were more than 150+ candidate has attended the interview. Check the recent placement opportunities in our placement board for freshers.

Though 150+ candidates attended the drive to be frank only a few got placed. Why it so even many of them are […]

Selenium Grid – Uses, Architecture and Example

What is Selenium Grid?

Selenium Grid is a server which helps the tests to run on a remote machine using web browser instances, In other words with Selenium Grid a server can act as a Hub. Tests contacts the hub to access the browser instances.

Hence Grid allows you to run your tests on different machines also […]

Basics and Advantages of Selenium Testing Tool

Selenium automation testing tool nowadays a trend among on the IT testing industry. As we already discussed many important factors about Selenium in our Series of Selenium tutorials. Here lets have a glance about the Basics of Selenium Testing Tool.

Know the future here: Future of Selenium Automation Testing

Selenium Testing Tool – An Open source:

Selenium […]

5 Reasons Why Selenium is used mostly? – Selenium Automation Tool

Automation matters:

Selenium Automation Tool – As we all know technology has been improving a lot day by day, the complexity of software applications has also been increased to a large extent.  Increasing number of interactive and complicated modules needs to be tested thoroughly, Hence we must rely on automation testing tools for all our future […]

Future of Selenium Automation Testing

As we all know Selenium Automation Testing is replacing the manual testing moderately because of the effectiveness of the Automation Testing. If we talk about Automation testing then we all know that Selenium Automation Testing is the current trend and also popular with the developers.

Selenium is an open source tool which is used in large […]

Top5 Selenium WebDriver Coding Tips

Selenium WebDriver is a powerful automation tool for testing web applications. It’s an open source library bundled with a rich set of features. As we already discussed in our previous article about Selenium Webdriver Architecture.

All these abilities together make it a perfect tool for automation. But you need proper guidance to get the best out […]

Handling Alerts using Selenium WebDriver

Handling alerts using Selenium WebDriver – The following are the Alert Interface provided by selenium. It is present in the org.openqa.selenium.Alert package. This Interface consists of the methods to deal with those alerts. They are as follows,

accept() To accept the alert
dismiss() To dismiss the alert
getText() To get the text of the alert
sendKeys() To write some […]

Top 5 Major Selenium Tools – Automation Testing Tools

Top 5 Major Selenium Tools – Selenium automation tool is the best open source testing tool for web applications.  As we all know it is developed by ThoughtWorks and the feature which made this the best testing tool in market is it can able to write test in various programming languages such as Java, PHP, […]

TestNG Parameter – Parameterization in TestNG using testng.xml

TestNG Parameter: Important topic under testNG Framework is TestNG Parameter. It is an interesting features in automation testing and it is very much needed to test hugely large number of  times with different types of  data’s.

Previous article: TestNG Benefits and Annotations  , TestNG Prioritization and Sequencing

Same test with different data’s

TestNG Parametric (TestNG Parameter) test lets you to […]