TestNG Prioritization and Sequencing


Multiple Tests

TestNG Prioritization – If you want to put number of tests under a single test class and like to run all in single shot. TestNG ‘@Test‘ annotations can helps to execute multiple tests in single TestNG file. Know about the benefits of TestNG and its annotations before further reading.

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TestNG Framework – Benefits and Annotations

TestNG is a testing framework which is developed with the same line of JUnit and NUnit, with that it consist of some more new functionality which makes it simple and easier to use.  Like selenium automation testing TestNG is also an open source automated testing framework.

Features of TestNG:
“NG stands for Next Generation”

Like mentioned above TestNG […]

What’s New in Selenium 3 – Download Link

Selenium 3. 0 is the latest release in the Selenium series after 2.53.1 update.  You can easily update to the latest one if you are in the above specified version.  As we already discussed about Selenium Web Driver architecture  in the previous tutorial here lets discuss about What’s new in Selenium 3.0 update.

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Top 4 Differences between Selenium RC and Selenium WebDriver

Selenium Testing Training: As a Automation test engineer each and everyone must know about the basic differences between these two. Difference between Selenium RC and Selenium WebDriver an important question which you need to be clear off. This part of the Free Selenium Tutorial will helps you to learn about it,

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Selenium WebDriver Architecture – Selenium Automation Testing

Selenium WebDriver Architecture – Selenium WebDriver is designed in the purpose to provide simple and more succinct programming interface, The main purpose for the development of Selenium WebDriver was to deal with dynamic webpages because here the elements of the pages may change without the page being reloaded.

A well designed object oriented API is provided […]

Exception Handling in Selenium

Exception Handling in Selenium Automation Framework
Exception Handling one of the most important and powerful mechanism to handle the run time errors so that the main process of the application will run correctly without any issues.

This article will helps you to learn about Exception handling in selenium automation framework.

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Top 15 factors – BEST Selenium Training Institute in Chennai

Selenium Training in Chennai – Selenium a software testing framework which always has its own kingdom built in IT sectors. Automation testing has never been down in Multi National Companies. The main advantage in choosing software testing as your career is there is […]

CSS Selector in Selenium Scripts

Identifying Web Elements using CSS Selector in Selenium Scripts


In this series of Selenium tutorial we had already discussed about Selenium Commands, Selenese, Responsibilities of a Selenium Tester, as a continuation this part explains about Identifying Web Elements using CSS Selectors in Selenium Scripts.

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Top 10 Selenium Tester Responsibilities

Selenium Tester Responsibilities: Once you have completed our Selenium certification training it is easy for you to get placed in Top MNC companies as a Selenium Tester.

The question which arises for all the beginners here is What are Responsibilities of Selenium Tester??

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Selenium Commands Explained

Selenese – Understanding Selenium Commands
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Selenium Commands also called as Selenese are the commands which runs in your tests. These commands are used to tell the automation engine to perform certain tasks. Check out the important updated topics in Selenium.

Using Selenese the Tester can test broken links, input fields, table data, […]